Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Monday, March 16, 2015

Exchanges to Bedridden

March 16, 2015

Hello family,
The spring time was in the air just a few days ago, it was beautiful weather, but now we have gone back in time to winter. We woke up today to snow a lot of it too. Whenever you think you are safe from the cold and snow in Canada, it always seems to creep back into life. O, Canada.

We were able to go to Calgary this last Wednesday and Thursday for exchanges. I went back to my old stomping grounds, yes, the East. It felt like it was just yesterday that I was either walking or riding the bus with my trainer. It was a very nice spring day; it was 15 degrees, which felt like summer to us. Something that the east zone is doing to increase their finding is a free hot chocolate stand. We posted up right outside a very busy bus station (one that was very familiar to me) and started talking to people. It was a very good success as we were able to place over a box of copies of the Book of Mormon in just an hour. The week prior, they were able to get 20 new gators for the zone. Who says missionary work is cannot be creative?

The next day we traveled out to British Columbia. Since this will most likely be my last time to BC, we decided to go the scenic route, which is through Banff. It was a great drive, but a long one. It took us just over 6 hours in total to make it to Cranbrook. Right when we got in BC, we started feeling sick. The next morning, we decided to head back to home base early. Both Elder Kelly and I got the cold badly. We threw everything inside and jumped in bed. We were out. For the next few days we could barely even sit up. We have finally been able to feel a little bit better. We need to get better ASAP because we have another busy week of exchanges and a baptism.

This Saturday Angela will be getting baptized! We are so excited for her. I have been able to see her come so far and see how the gospel has helped her. She has made an event on Facebook and has invited all of her family and many of her friends. This is a tender mercy for me. I cannot wait for Saturday!
I love you all! I am happy to be able to see you soon, but for now, it’s game time.

Hurrah for Israel,
Elder Browning III

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