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Monday, November 3, 2014

That Was Spooky

November 3, 2014

Hello family,

We have had a great week. Halloween does not really exist as a missionary, especially when you have to be inside your apartment at 6 pm; no trick-or-treating! Besides not being able to eat a lot of candy and have a party, it was still a good week.

We had an experience the day after Halloween that you could say a ghost was there. We had an appointment with a less-active member, while we were there, we noticed that his girlfriend was present, who is a former gator. We shared a message, using my favorite Mormon Message: "Because of Him". It brought in that Holy Ghost so fast. The lesson changed very quickly into lesson 3 from PMG, which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We explained the 5 steps that can connect us with God and Christ like nothing else in this world. The whole time I was feeling like we needed to invite her to be baptized. I thought that while Engy was teaching and right after that thought, he invited her to follow Christ more fully in her life. That was the spirit no doubt. She accepted, and her countenance changed instantly. She became very happy and ready to accept the gospel. She even picked the date to be baptized. I was in awe. What a miracle! You cannot buy moments like that, thanks to our "spooky" friend, she is now on the road to be baptized.

Being able to write about experiences like that makes emailing a lot easier, a little more exciting really. We gave thanks on the way home the whole way. When the time is right, the Holy Ghost is involved, that is when people decide to change. It was nothing that we did, we just taught the doctrinal truths. I cannot give enough thanks for that one.

Christmas is on its way. It is starting to get cold and snowy in Canada. Break out the hot chocolate and bust out the winter coats, it is going to be a cold one. We are preparing for a cold winter but also a winter that will not be easily forgotten. Our teaching pool of gators is getting bigger and bigger while I keep getting thinner and thinner (watch out ladies). I am so excited for the Christmas season to begin, as people seem to be a little more jolly around that time.

I hope you all had a spooky Halloween like I did. I love you all!

Elder Browning III

Street contacted this guy downtown. 
He's my bro now! 

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