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Monday, November 24, 2014

I am Thankful for Miracles

November 24, 2014

Hello family,

One of the best weeks in my mission. Everything seemed to work perfectly this week. The weather has warmed up, many opportunities to teach, and I still have Engy, AKA Elder Engstrom. This has been a very eventful week, so I better get started.

In the beginning of the week, we were able to get our feet under the area. We got to meet most of the ward leaders and the people that the previous missionaries were working with. Now having a firm grip, we were able to tighten that grip, especially with referrals. We have gotten seven referrals in the last week from members who are inviting their friends. I don't think I have gotten that many referrals in one week! There is no other way to do this effectively, but through the members.

On Friday was the best day of the great week. We were jam packed with gator lessons, all being new investigators. The first lesson was with Simi. She was referred to us by her boy friend who lives in one of our wards. She grew up Sikh, but has converted to Christianity. We invited her to be baptized, but she had one of the classic gator concerns of "I want to know a lot more before I can commit." Our goal now is to get her to recognize the spirit. We rushed from their to our next lesson with another gator (I know, to good to be true). Blake is his name. We have been teaching him ever since we got here, he is a stud. He just wants to know truth, what more could you ask for? We taught him a quick version of the Restoration, he should be committed to a date soon. After that, we had our final lesson with a gator that day with a girl named Angela. She was referred to us by, again, her boyfriend who is a great member. She is mainly learning just so she know the details of Peter's (that is the BF) religion. Towards the end of the lesson, things seemed to start to click for her. Thanks to Peter, he really brought in the spirit towards the end. She is know not just doing it for the details, but why he believes it.

Now the number one miracle of this last week was with a girl we found named Tammy. We went to go tract in a nearby neighbourhood, we didn't get too much success, but the Lord blessed us at the end. While we were walking back to the van, we had two young girls walking towards us, we stopped to talk with them about the gospel. They are both from Brazil on a scholarship at the University of Lethbridge. One of them was doing all of the talking and told us that they were not interested, her friend, Tammy, responded with: "wait! I am interested! could I have this Book of Mormon?" We were very excited and invited her to church, and she came. While in the Gospel Principles class we talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon. At the end, Tammy raised her hand and said she had a comment. She described how the day before we ran into her that she had prayed to have God put someone in her path, as she was lonely, and looking for a religion. She then told us that she knew that we were that answer. Our jaws dropped to the floor... Everyone in that class couldn't believe it. We witnessed a miracle. My testimony was strengthened that no effort is wasted. We will be meeting with her ASAP.

I am so thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and for the chance that I have to share it. Have a great Thanksgiving at home. I will be thinking about you all. Love you!

Elder Browning III

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