Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Monday, November 17, 2014

Deja Vu

November 17, 2014

Hello family,

What a busy, bone-chilling, going-back-in-time week it has been. We made it to the south. YES! I love Calgary, but there is something about the West side of Lethbridge that I love. We have already found gators to teach, thanks to the awesome members, and people to... uh... reprove.

We went out to BC on Monday night, as we had another Zone Conference, we had to pack our minivan (yes, we have a minivan) to the top with our stuff and bring with us to British Columbia. It was hard saying goodbye to the zone that we were in, hard to say goodbye to the members of the Edworthy Park ward, and it was hard to say goodbye to our gators. But if this is what President wants this to happen, means the Lord wants it to happen. We spent the next day in BC, after the ZC was over, on we went to Lethbridge, which is a 4 hour drive.

When we pulled in to the west side, it was like I had a big deja vu. Everything seemed to be the same, with the exception of a few new houses. I still know my way around very well and the chapels musty smell is all too familiar. I have seen a lot of my good friends that I have made while I was here this time exactly a year ago. It has been a blast to catch up with many of them, as a lot of them are in the ward I cover.

I will tell you of an experience that I had this last Friday. We went on a exchange with some Elders in the little town of Rosemary. Which is actually in the Medicine Hat zone, another deja vu moment, it is a tiny town with the bit bigger town of Brooks about 30 minutes away. On Friday we were told by some members that Rosemary, happened to be the coldest town in the Province of Alberta. I just exclaimed: "FUN!" What was even better was we had nothing to do that day, so we tract in the cold. ALL. DAY. EVEN MORE FUN! I can honestly say that the expression "bone-chilling" is real. The cold was literally rattling my bones. It was -35 C with the wind chill.

I will send you a few pictures of the cold weather, so you can enjoy that moment with me. You do not want to miss out on that... :) Keep warm at home. I love you!   

Hurrah for Israel,
Elder Browning III

  Elder Kelly and I in the "bone-chilling" cold

 This is Janet. I had to get a picture with her with that toque!

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