Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Monday, October 6, 2014

End of 3rd Quarter/Elder Browning’s Travels

October 6, 2014

Hello family,

What a great opportunity we had to listen to the Prophets and Apostles who are, a fact actually, inspired men. Conference weekend was a busy one for us, we had lots of running around to do, and trying to get gators to come to the meeting. We were blessed to have 2 gators there, that are both progressing towards baptism. The both heard Elder Bednar's talk, who crushed way out of the park, when it comes to non-members listening to conference. We know it helped them, an answer to many prayers, I'm sure.

Now that the 3rd quarter is coming to the close, I am down to the "make it or break it" part of my mission. When President Monson said that we will will see you in six months, that hit me hard. The next time conference is on, that will be my last Sunday in the field. Conference comes super quick, this time it will come even sooner, too. I guess it is time to tighten my things up and go to work. Like Karl Malone says: "in the fort quarter..." Something along those lines.

I have not emailed in two weeks, the reason behind that is we have been traveling a lot. We have been to the very furthest East in the mission (my beloved Med. Hat), to the furthest west in the mission, and everything in between. It has been quite the experience to be able to see so many sights while on the road.

One of the highlights was in the little town of Cardston. I got to go with the set of missionaries who cover one of the biggest Native American reserves. The Kainai reserve. We went to go tract on this reserve, which we heard could be a little sketchy. It turned out to be a moment that was well worth it. The people seemed to want to hear the message that we have to share, in fact, we were able to get 5 new gators, drop 10 copies of the Book of Mormon, all within an hour. I loved it, something that I will not easily forget.

If we are talking on the more temporal side of happiness, that would have to go to beautiful British Columbia. It is GORGEOUS there. We left Calgary Sunday afternoon, got there around 10 that, and the next day was P-Day. We got to go golfing in a little podunk town in BC, which was so much fun. With the scenery, fresh mountain air, and immaculate golf course, that is a recipe for pure fun. We got to proselyte as well, which was just as cool.

Well, the time for this quarter has now officially run out. I am afraid that I will be writing the email entitled: "Game Over" all too quickly. I am going to try to savor every moment of this final stretch in my mission. I am loving life right now, the only thing that could make it better, is some baptisms. We have been so blessed in a great area. I love you all. Have a great week!

Elder Browning III

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