Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Green Bay to Calgary

September 27, 2014

Hello family.

We had an extremely busy week this last one. So busy, that we aren't getting our P-Day until today. The reason for being so busy was we had a special visitor from Green Bay, well not really, but when I hear his name I think of that city. I am sure you will know why.

We had Elder Packer (get it yet?) come to our mission for a mission tour. Now this is not Elder Boyd K. Packer, but it is his son, Elder Packer Jr. He is a General Authority, so just as cool. On Monday he had a special zone meeting for all of the south zones. He taught a lot about the importance between the gator and the Holy Ghost's connection. It made sense to me, as he taught on what we must know, feel, and do, in order to strengthen that connection with the gator and the Holy Ghost. Kind of put ourselves in the shoes of the gator. We have applied this training from Elder Packer already in our teaching, we have seen an increase in progressing gators towards baptism.

This special Mission Tour was the highlight of our week, it also made it very busy. With busyness, the hindsight effect comes quicker than ever. To think that it has almost been a month since I have been transferred bewilders me. The time does not seem to want to slow down, even a little bit. If we do not have some "errands" to do, we are street contacting, or teaching our pool of gators. Every moment is at pace on which I cannot seem to keep up with.

The people on the streets have not seemed to lighten up to our message. I have had my fair shares of encounters with people who... How do I say this nicely? Do not like the fact that we are preaching Christ to anyone who wants to know Him better. But Green Bay taught us that no effort is wasted while a player for His team. We have also had some great success in finding prepared people, who want to throw on their own helmet and shoulder pads to join the team. As we learned from a special witness of Jesus Christ, there will people who reject us, but there will ALWAYS be people who will "receive" us.

I love you all, continue to have fun at home. I will see ya on the field!

Elder Browning III

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