Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Monday, August 4, 2014


August 4, 2014

Hello family,

Elder Olsen and I have had a extremely busy week. Not with lessons per say, but with traveling. We have driven to Lethbridge which is 2 hours away, Brooks which is 1 hour, and Calgary which is 3, all this week. With transfers in the Bridge, a baptism in Brooks, and MLC in Calgary, we are sick of the car. But that will soon change...

We learned at MLC that President is instituting a new "program" this month. That is, as a mission we want to contact 1,000,000 people. When I say a contact, that means have a gospel conversation with someone, and then invite them to do something i.e... "would you like to learn more?" We keep track of how many people we have talked to that week, then pass it up the line, all the way to President. How are we going to accomplish this? The answer is no more cars. This is where the name Walk and Talk August comes in play. Everyone's kilometres have been cut by 75%, we are only aloud to drive on P-Day, to church, and mission meetings. We, as a mission, are expected to walk anywhere else, so we can share our testimonies with the people of Canada.

This means we are going to be taking back the streets on Medicine Hat. Where we live, it is at least a two hour walk to our area. I was pretty shocked to hear this new idea that is for the whole mission, but I soon got very excited for it. This is how stories are made from seeing miracles. I am very amazed that President Nicholas has the faith to bring this forward to the mission, knowing that there would be retaliation. I know it is revelation, it has to be. It is not going to be easy at all, but we are ready to put our faith to the test. Time to get those walking shoes on and start opening our mouths.

We have already seen a miracle this last week. Since we baptized Martina, we had no gators to teach. But, we were blessed to be able to find a new one through the Spanish Elders who we live with. Her name is Akur, she is half Jamaican and half Sudanese. She came to church and wants to learn more. It was a great booster to our long in-the-car week. We are very excited to see where it will go.

I hope you have a wonderful time at the upcoming Eliason reunion, right after your fun getaway with the Browning side. Keep up the fun in the sun. Have a great week. Keep me in your prayers, as I am going to need them as we are going to walk and talk to everyone we see. Love you all.

Hurrah for Israel,
Elder Browning III

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