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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mad Rush of Buckets

July 29, 2014

Hello family,

It was a wonderful and crazy experience to be able to go over to the Ricci home Sunday night to pick up a package that was from home. The thought of how they just saw my Mum and Dad was a whirlwind of a thought. I thank you for the wonderful package that I received, especially the Russian hat. Thank goodness for sweet members!

We were able to have a great week in Med. Hat. As you know, we were able to have a baptism for Martina on Saturday evening. A few days before, we were told that the font would be filled and ready for us to use, since there was going to be Stake baptisms. We decided to go over early, just to verify with the people that they wouldn't empty the font. When we got there, there was not one drop of water in the font... We learned that there were no baptisms that day. We rushed to get the water started, we knew that it wouldn't fill up in time (as it takes 3-4 hours to fill), so we devised a plan to fill any sort-of-bucket from the bathroom with a hose we found. Luckily, we were able to have the font filled to the top in just 1.5 hours, just in time for the baptism to start. The only problem was we were soaked with water. We had to roll up our suit pants, take off our shoes, no tie, and rolled up sleeves to get 'er done. By the end of our mad rush to get it filled, we were able to clean up so we could look some what decent for the baptism.

The actual service went well, I was able to baptize Martina, which is always a privilege. The spirit was very strong, as it has taken many missionaries to get her to this point, so she says. She has now entered into the fold. It has been a long time since I have been able to be apart of a baptism, so this was a special time. I am so happy for Martina, she told us afterwards that she has never felt so good before. This is what can happen to people who truly want to change, and she has changed so much.

Transfer notices have come around and I.... am staying another in Medicine Hat! I am really excited, as I am loving my companion, this ward/branch, and the zone. What a blessing. This means that I will have 3 areas, all for 6 months. I haven't had that many areas, but it is too hard to pick a favorite. Maybe I will keep with the trend, and only have 4 areas my whole mission.

Way to go, Todd! Another Browning relative has entered the war zone, he will be a great harvester for the Lord. I can see his enthusiasm, as I remember what it was like, wanting to get started. Now that I don't have too long left, I am trying to love every moment. We have a lot of work ahead of us, so we will be staying busy up here. Have a great week at home. Love you all.

Hurrah For Israel,
Elder Browning III

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