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Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Harvest

July 21, 2014

Hello family,

This week we have been doing great. Yes, there were some slower times, but we were able to push through them. It was a week full of some nerve-racking times, to very relieving times. With it being the middle of July, the sun is hotter than ever. It should be cooling down this week, but you never know with Canada. If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes.

As you know, we are preparing Martina for baptism this upcoming Saturday. We had to teach her everything by last Saturday, because President Nicholas was coming down that day to interview her. It was a mad rush to the finish line as we crammed the rest of the commandments that we still had to teach her. To our amazement, she accepted it all without any hesitations. She has really made many changes to be able to be baptized, what a great miracle to behold. With her interview with President, she passed with flying colors. President Nicholas even commented that she has a great testimony and a firm understanding on the core doctrines of this church. We are now getting ready for this Saturday, going to be a great day.

In the area that we are currently serving in, we have no gators, besides Martina. We made a "faith call" by dropping everyone that was not progressing, or making any effort too. This is following the counsel of our Mission President, as he has suggested that we "are not here to plant seeds, we are here to harvest." It might sound harsh, but it is the reality. We know by following this counsel, we will find many gators who are prepared to be harvested. This gives me comfort, as it feels as if no one even wants a seed... Fun times as a 'nary.

Transfers are in a week, so I could potentially be leaving the Hat. This makes me sad, thinking that I could be leaving some of the best people that I have met on my mission, thus far. I have come to love this place. You never know, I could stay, it is actually a big possibility. But whatever happens, is supposed to happen.

Great to hear that Preston is feeling much better. I have been praying for the whole family. Enjoy the last bit of summer!

Elder Browning III

Made it to Saskatchewan

 Medicine Hat Mavericks ;)

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