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Monday, July 14, 2014

Single Digits

July 14, 2014

Hello family,

This week has been, luckily, a pretty good one. Elder Olsen and I are really getting along well, which helps even when nothing is going your way. We have been able to see some miracles as we have gone through this week. It has been really hot lately, but that won’t stop us street contacting in the heat of the day. We have seen a huge miracle as well.

That miracle goes with our gator Martina, from Liberia. In the past, we have had her on date for baptism, but she never was able to commit fully. Because of this, we were thinking of dropping her, because she was never coming to church, even when she said she would. We decided to have another lesson with her, the do or die lesson, to see her real desire. During the lesson, there seemed to be something different about her. She accepted everything we had to say and the next day, was at church. It was a miracle! Now every time she prays, in her awesome African way, she specifically asks that she will be ready to "follow Him" on the 26th of this month. She has stopped partying, stopped going on lots of trips, and loves church now. When the gator decides to feel the spirit, it changes them. It has been amazing to witness, E. Olsen and I can't even believe it.

I am now in the "single digits" of my mission. I turned 15 months on Thursday, and will be home in a short 9 months. I never thought that I would be this old, but it has come way too fast. I am going to need to start putting myself in that extra gear to accomplish what I was sent here to do. It is not going to be easy, but well worth it. I am excited to see the change that happens with me.

I am relieved to hear that Prep, AKA the Champ, is doing better. I have had him in my prayers, every time I pray, which is a lot as a 'nary. I am so thankful for the modern technology that was able to help the Champ get better. But along side with the modern technology, I am extremely grateful for the Biblical technology of prayer. Prayer is something that anyone can do anytime, anywhere, right Mum?

I am loving the Hat, even with its intense heat. I hope all is well back home, I will continue to use that Bible-like technology and have faith that all is well. Love you!

Hurrah for Israel,
Elder Browning III

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