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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Father’s Way

June 17, 2014

Hello family,

Another week has passed already? No... No... It can't have already passed by. I feel like just a few hours ago I was at this same computer typing away to my family and giving my little "sermon". When you are focused on the work, not paying attention to little stupid details, and getting along with the people around you, that week truly does feel like a few hours. I have learned much this week about accepting Heavenly Father's will fully. Not just going with it.

We have had rain all week. But this didn't put out the heat that we have had. Transfers are Wednesday, and Elder Bjarnson will be leaving me. For the last week, I have been starting to come to love Elder Bjarnson. At first, I thought I was really doing well with following the Father's will, but really, I was way off. I was complaining about my situation, the area, and even about our gators. I have started to turn that around. I came to the knowledge that we can't just go with the flow of what God wants, but we must actively accept it. That is what I have done, it has brought much joy and satisfaction to my calling. I don't want Elder Bjarnson to leave, we started to click super well. But I am glad that I am able to go the Father's way, and not the highway.

I was down in the dumps a little with our gators because none of them seem to be progressing but have great desires. We decided to put a lot more faith and work into our proselyting time, which in turn should bring great blessings. It has worked. We have found a new gator who is very interested and the best part, keeps her commitments! She was found through service. We helped her move, then we invited her to learn from us. She accepted and we also gave her the Restoration pamphlet and asked her to read it. Usually no one will read it but she read it 3 times, with looking up the scriptures in the back! She said she would come to church after our first lesson with her, and she was 30 minutes early, gotta love that! It has been a tender mercy from the Lord by us accepting the Father's way and getting out and finding the truly prepared people.

I had an ah-ha moment this week during Sacrament meeting. Since it was Father's Day, I was thinking about Dad, of course. I was thinking of why Dad really made us work so hard, and why he was so adamant on making sure it was done right. I then realized that it wasn't because Dad wanted to build our lawn to be the best in the neighbourhood, but because he was building our character. It was his way of showing us that we need to be hard working in all aspects of life. So, thank you Dad, for loving me enough to help me see my weakness and help me improve that. I am trying to apply that in my 'nary life because I need it more than ever.

I hope Madi had a great Birthday and Dad a great Father's Day. I have been thinking about the family more this week, but in a good way. I am continuing to work hard in wet Canada. I'll let you know about my new companion next week. Until then, I love you!

Hurrah for Israel,
Elder Browning III

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