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Calgary skyline

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Flooded Out

June 25, 2014

Hello Family,

Transfers have come and gone, and they went great. I am now serving with Elder Olsen. We were in the MTC at the same time, same zone, but different districts. It has been great to serve with someone from my same transfer. We have been getting along great and he is picking up the area, people, and the zone quickly. Should be a fun transfer.

As for the weather, we have been having lots and lots of rain. On the way home from transfers, which is about a 2 hour drive, it rained so hard we had to slow way down. Pools were forming throughout the highway, which made it sketchy for hydroplaning. The two hour drive took us an extra hour from all of the water. It did finally clear up so we could start hauling again. ;) With all of this rain they were thinking that it would be flooding like last year again. No! There was mad panic as the city rushed to sandbag and bank the river, hoping it would help. Thankfully, it didn't come nearly as bad as last year, but the flooding was still apparent. Because of the flood, we weren't able to email on Monday. But that is really the only thing that the flood affected.

It was a miracle that it didn't flood us out of Medicine Hat, even High River (last years catastrophe), wasn't hurt too bad. The Lord decided to save us. The flood wasn't able to flood our home, but I think it flooded out our gators. No one seems to be progressing or wanting to listen to us. We had great potential for Greg and Martina, we still do, but they seem to be lacking a true desire to want to change. It has been a rough area for me, nothing seems to be coming together like I want it too. This has made me really learn how to trust that all is well, and that I am doing my absolute best.

This is concerning Elder Olsen and I, so we have started to strengthen our finding efforts by "banking up" on talking with everyone. We have walked through the majority of Med. Hat, talking with those we see, but no one seems to have time for God in their life. It is a little sad, but it doesn't discourage me. He can see our efforts and He knows we are trying to swim, although it seems like too much water. The Lord, like He has done many times before, will save us.  

We have a lot of work cut-out for us, but we are excited to take it on. Our planners our almost completely full of finding activities. That is what happens when you can't get lessons with gators. We had interviews with President yesterday and he keeps encouraging us. It was a good sandbag or two for our dam. We now have our life jackets on ready to ride out the flood.

I love you all-- have a great week at home and enjoy this summer weather. I'll keep doggy-paddling!

Hurrah for Israel,
Elder Browning III

Water got halfway up those sandbags.

South Saskatchewan River

Medicine Hat Churches

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