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Calgary skyline

Monday, June 30, 2014

Red & White

June 30, 2014

Hello family,

July is upon us, which means Independence Day, right? In Canada, it means the day they leave out the blue, and celebrate just the red and white. Canada Day (say that three times fast). It is a time that we get to realize the blessings of freedom in both countries, which is surely a blessing. It is a fun atmosphere, with people starting up the coals on the BBQ, Canadian flags everywhere you turn, and of course, singing "O, Canada" in church. It is a time when I feel pride for the colours of Canada.

We have had a week full of blandness, rather than the bold colour of Red. It hasn't been an easy week with finding, but it has been a fun one, nonetheless. We were involved in laying sod for the local church building, meet some good potentials, and have a mini road trip to see two baptisms. I guess it has been a blessing in disguise to not be able to have our gators progress like we want them too. Because, I have been able to take more enjoyment to the little things of 'nary life.

On Thursday we had a good lesson with Martina. It was the first time Elder Olsen and I got to teach her together. As we talked to her, trying to find her desire, we felt prompted to teach the Law of Chastity. It was exactly what she needed to hear, as she didn't know she was breaking one of God's most important commandments. We committed her to church, we were excited for her, as was she. Sunday rolled around, no Martina. My heart dropped. Why won’t people come to church? We now have the hard lesson to know if we should move on or not. You have to make tough decisions, which are not fun, but we are here to harvest.

I am enjoying my time here. I have been able to see a lot of ups and downs in my mish. This has been an area where I have had to learn that it is not me who decides what happens with the gators and people we contact. What a learning experience, it's good for me... Right? All I know is that I am supposed to be in this specific area, with Elder Olsen, for a specific reason. I am just trying to go with the wind and love it. I think it is working. ;)

Hurrah for Israel,
Elder Browning III

You find the craziest things on road trips...

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