Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Monday, April 28, 2014

There Goes the Sun

April 28, 2014

Hello family,

The sun has left us again... We were experiencing such nice WARM weather, than just a day later, it decided to snow the whole day. It would snow, then rain, snow some more, then have some more rain. Thanks... I want that sun to come and stay here. Will summer ever come? That is a question that I ask myself multiple times a day.

The bad weather also reflects our week. This week has been a hard one. We had so many good things lined up, but I swear, almost everything dropped us. We weren't able to have a sit-down lesson with any of our progressing gators, which is bad. Nothing seemed to work right. On top of this, I am now sick with a bad cold. Sore throat, cough, runny nose, and a pounding headache. Ah... It is just one of those weeks when nothing seems to go your way.

Greg, who was on date for May 3rd, has to now push it back. He still hasn't come to church, because he is really sick and extremely busy. Martina who is on date for May 24th, wasn't able to come to church yesterday either. Her appointment also dropped on Saturday, because she "forgot". AH!!! We also have a gator, who previously was on date, but has not met with us for months. We got to her apartment on time, which was 7 pm, then she wouldn't answer her phone or the call box. We thinking we got stood up, decided to leave, but we got a text from her boyfriend saying that they're on there way. So we waited... And waited... And waited some more. We texted her saying we're about to leave, but they always responded "just hold on. We're almost there!" Finally we saw them, but they said it wasn't a good time... That was at 8:45. That was so frustrating. Why is this happening? I am learning patience for sure.

On a happier note, Mother's Day is coming up. I can't believe it is coming again. It feels like yesterday when I Skyped home as a new missionary, in our little humble apartment. Now that time was almost a year ago. We will be trying to find a place to Skype, then we will let you know about the details.

I love you all! I am getting a little bit better, maybe some basketball will help? ;) Have a great week at home. The sun is coming again this week, I can feel it.

Elder Browning

Jesus Saves!

Branding cows like it ain't nothin'!

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