Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Monday, April 21, 2014

Here Comes the Sun

April 21, 2014

Hello family,

The sun is showing it's face in the great land of Canada. Finally! I am extremely excited for the sun to warm us up with the rays of sun which have been missed by Canadian missionaries. It is about 18 today, to me feels like 25+. But this might not last too much longer, as it is expected to snow this week sometime. Talk about a downer, eh?

But to counteract Debby-downer, we had a terrific week. This has been a week full of ups and some more ups. One of the reasons it was such a great week, was we got to have interviews with President. During my interview, I had questions on my mind, that I've had for awhile, President helped me answers those. My appreciation and love for President and Sister Nicholas shot through the window. What great role models they are. Since Elder Bjarnson and I were the last missionaries to be interviewed, they invited us to have lunch with them. It was lots of fun getting to know the two of them better. I felt like I was back with Grandpa and Grandma Eliason, when they would always take ME out. ;) Right at home. We got to learn so much for them, it was a great way to start off the day.

The other reason why we were blessed with a great week is we had a powerful lesson with Martina. Take note, that this lesson was just after our great lunch with President. We planned on teaching the Restoration, which we did, but at first it was a little shaky. Martina's Mum, who is a member, kept butting in, and would take the lesson way off course. It was a test of my patience for sure. Luckily, we were able to press through that and be able to help her understand the Bible and why we need the Book of Mormon, because that is her concern. We were about to wrap up the lesson, but I felt to go back and talk about Christ's baptism, I didn't know why, but I followed the prompting the best I could. We looked in the Biblical account of when Christ was baptized. She loved it! We then invited her to baptism right there, and she said "of course, I want to follow Jesus." What a perfect response, we are now planning for the 24th of May for Martina's baptism.

To top it all off, it was Easter Sunday the very next day. What a great day it was to be able to remember our Saviour's Atonement and sacrifice. I will be forever grateful for that. We did get a chance to paint Easter eggs and eat chocolate. But the "reason for the season" is Christ. I love being able to celebrate Him twice a year! This made for a sunny week.

Elder Browning

Slurpee season is coming!

My Easter creations.

Authentic Italian pizza made by Italians!

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