Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

West Side Best Side

March 25, 2014

Hello family!

Transfers are coming up tomorrow, and I have been dreading leaving the best side of Lethbridge... I have really come to love this place. It has been such a fun time serving here. But this morning, I got the email saying that I will be transferred... They don't tell us where, only if we're going to Calgary, or staying south. As for me, I will be staying south. This means that I could easily end up in Lethbridge still, which would be sweet. Weird to think that I wanted to stay south? I love Calgary, but the Bridge is pretty sick, too.

This last week has been great when it comes to teaching lessons. With our new gators, we can actually teach some gator lessons! This has been very refreshing, to get to teach someone who is interested, not trying to force them to be on the street. Travis' concern is Joseph Smith, so we decided to watch the movie, Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration. After the movie, he said that he was "a lot closer" than he was before. We then testified the heck out of the Joseph Smith. It was a great lesson. He then came to church on Sunday, went to all 3 hours, and loved it. I'm pretty sad that I will be leaving now, right after we got a few solid gators, but I guess that's how it is supposed to work. The Lord's will, not mine.

I am sure my next email I will have a bunch of news. I love you all, I need to go pack, so we'll talk to y'all later. Love ya!

Elder Browning

"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those that are still publishing peace!"
 Mosiah 15:16

Elder Browning loves the snow...

 Balmy spring day in Canada

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