Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Dirty Hat

March 31, 2014

Well, family, it has come... The email has come when I tell you where I have ended up!

It was hard leaving Lethbridge. When I got transferred from Calgary, to down south, I thought I would never like anything better than Calgary. Spending four transfers in Lethbridge, which is equivalent to six months, I came to love it. The West side is the best side, bar-none! When I said my goodbyes to those good Canadians, it shook me up a little. I have a little ways to go with my new area, to reach the love I had for West Lethbridge...

I have been transferred to Medicine Hat! It is the very east part of the mish, and our zone goes into Saskatchewan a little. My new companion is Elder Bjarnson. He actually was in the west zone with me, so we knew each other, so it is great to be comps! I predicted to come here, so I already was in the mind set. It has been a lot different than I thought. But for good.

The city of Med Hat is... dirty. It is almost like I am in the Dirty East again, which I really like. We cover a YSA branch and a Family ward. There are six wards in the whole city, with one going out to a small town called Brooks. Yes, Brooks. Being able to meet some people and familiarize myself with the Hat, has been quite the experience. I am already loving it! There is a lot of work to be done in a city like this. We have multiple gators, most of them progressing well, so that is a big change from Lethbridge. The people here are humble, because they don't have much. Lethbridge was a really nice city, this isn't nearly the same. I love being back in the dirty!

Medicine Hat is known for their natural gas. So, throughout the city there are lots of gas plants, that make it look pretty creepy at night. The sky is always hazy, smells weird, and lots of dirt and gravel on the road from these gas plants. It is a very interesting city. We have to be walking most of the time now, new rule, but it is still snowing constantly. This should be fun. Right now it is -10. Should be good to get out and talk to these people while walking. This is how we have more baptisms, by talking to more people. We are excited to see what this zone can do this transfer.

I am sure I will come to love this place just as much as my previous areas. I love my companion, great 'naries in the zone, and lots of people to work with. It's gonna be a good transfer, I can feel it.

Elder Browning

Gas plants at night.

Elder Bjarnson

Welcome to the Hat!

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