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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mormon Hot Chocolate

March 4, 2014

Wat up fam?

This week has been full of business... We decided that this week we would get all of the busy work out of the way so that we can really focus on our area and find those prepared for baptism. I was able to go on exchanges twice this week. Exchanges are great, but they take a lot out of you. By the end of them, I just want to get back to my own area with my comp. But it was good to go learn with the younger missionaries.

As far as new gators go, none so far. But they are coming! In District Meetings today, it was all focused on finding. Finding can be the most frustrating thing to do as a 'nary. You feel like, at times, that the whole world is against you and your companion. But, I also have found that finding can be the most sweetest of moments on the mish. If I think back, the times we were out knocking doors, street contacting, or on buses, those are the greatest memories on my mish thus far. So let them continue!

We have come up with a finding idea that we think is gold. That is... To set up a hot chocolate stand outside the institute building. There are so many university kids that walk by there everyday, we need to capitalize on that. We tried it out this week. I wasn't there, I was on exchanges when it happened, but the Jackhammer said it worked wonderfully. We have a sign and everything. While they're drinking their hot co co, we ask them if they have time for a quick survey, which is inside a warm building. Who wouldn't want that on a -30 day? Most of them said "why not." The Jackhammer was able to place 10 BOM's because of this. This is going to bring us gators, we know it. Just have to be patient.

It was great to hear about Prep's baptism. I also thought of babups a lot, too. I told Jackhammer that there was going to be a big party at my house today, looks like I was right. ;) Prep, you made the right choice. You are on the way back to your Heavenly Father. You are following that example that Jesus has set, you understood that, so you followed him. Now you need to come up here and tell that to the people that I am teaching. They would actually listen to you! ;)

I love you all. I try to be the best that I can be out here, because of the great examples from my family and friends. Miracles are coming.

Elder Browning


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