Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Go Canada Go

February 25, 2014

Hello family and friends!

Another week has gone by and it has been a real cold one. Canada's weather is so unpredictable. One day it is near freezing, which isn't bad, but the next you have -40 all day long. It isn't any fun to walk in that kind of weather. Yes... Walking. We have been doing a lot more of that lately, let me explain.

Since we are struggling with members bringing us prepared gators, we have decided to bring the ball more on our side of the court. We have decided to go street contact no matter the weather. On Saturday, it was our first crack at it... Which didn't turn out to well. We left the apartment, printed out the survey which we were planning to use, chose an area prayerfully, then started to walk. Everyone seemed to disappear. It was reaching -35ish with the wind chill, so that wasn't good, and everyone we did talk to turned us down quite harshly. I was very frustrated. But if this is how we can show the Lord that we want gators, then so be it. We will be doing this almost all week.

To rub some more salt into our wound, the "Promised Land" lost to Canada in hockey. You should have seen these Canadians when that happened. They were so excited. We heard about it instantly, we had multiple members of the ward text us the results. In Ward Council I was on splits with our Ward Mission Leader, because my comps went to E. Bluth's sacrament. In that council, the whole time they talked about how great the game was. They then turned their focus on me, being American, and had some "funny" jokes for me. Ha, it was kinda funny to see how excited they were, but a little bit of a downer. The rest of the day was full of similar experiences. People brought it up in every instance... Sacrament talk, Sunday school, dinner, Priesthood/Relief Society, and whenever we talked with someone. Hockey is a big deal up here if you could imagine.

The other day I realized that I am almost 11 months out. My companion will be turning a year this Thursday. I really don't know where the time has gone. Before you know it I will be out for a full year, which by then, you're counting down instead of up. I still see myself back in the dirty as a new missionary totally awestruck and don't know what is happening. Time is going too fast.

Have a wonderful week at home full of missionary opportunities hopefully. I will be up here in the freezing tundra trying to get some missionary work done of my own. ;) I love you all! Keep sending your prayers my way, they are much needed and appreciated.

Elder Browning

Lethbridge West Muscle Tech

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