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Calgary skyline

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

February 18, 2014

Hello family!

Happy birthday, Prep! You are now at the age of accountability. Isn't that exciting? You will able to get baptized soon, which I remember as one of my most memorable days. Before you know it, you'll be on a mission. Maybe in Canada, if you're lucky enough... ;) Hope you had a fantastic birthday. :)

As you can probably tell from my email title, I had a interesting week. I was not transferred! The whole day on transfer p-day, I was expecting to get an email from the AP's telling me that I was going to be getting transferred. To my amazement, when I opened up my email, there was no email telling me that I was going north or staying south. I was so excited. I really didn't want to leave, and I didn't. Elder Jackman (Jackhammer) and I get to stay another one together! We were pretty pumped. This means that I will have only two areas, when I am a year out. Two six-month areas right in a row, that doesn't happen very often. Looks like I get to stay in the windy city for a little longer.

Now, that was the first interesting thing that happened this week. Elder Bluth was with us last transfer because his comp went home. E. Bluth got a new companion at transfer station which was great. The next day, we get a call from President telling us that E. Bluth's new companion will be going home... And he wanted us to drive him up to Calgary to the mission home. I felt so bad for E. Bluth. President must really trust him, to give him the "struggling" missionaries.

We drove up to Calgary Friday night. We arrived at the mission home just after 8 pm. His companion left the next morning at 5 amfor the airport. So... E. Bluth is now with us again! We all thought we would have different companions right now, but the Lord decided to throw a curve ball at us. We should be serving together for the rest of the transfer. Pretty sweet. :)

The only problem that I have with staying another transfer here, is that it has been really difficult to find here. We keep get shut down by people, or things just seem to fall through to easily. Not gonna lie, it has been discouraging. We are planning on really starting to talk to everyone we see. Not fun to have people blow you off when it is -20 outside. If you could add in your prayers: "please help E. Jackman and E. Browning "Josh" find a new investigator who has been prepared for baptism, as they do their best to find." That would be much appreciated. We could use all the help we can get.

Besides that, we have been doing really well. Our zone had some good changes to it, and we are looking forward to this next transfer. I am geared up and ready to be here another six-weeks. Now we just have to find.

Thanks for all of your love and prayers. It helps me keep pushing onward. Have a great week. Love you!

Elder Browning

That should make a warm coat.

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