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Calgary skyline

Monday, February 10, 2014

Double Digits

February 10, 2014

Hello Family!

This week is transfer week, so that means we have to email a day early because P-day is pushed back to Tuesday. Transfers came so fast, I can't believe that we already have done a full six weeks. It has seemed that every transfer has gotten quicker and quicker. I am amazed by the end of next transfer, I will be a year in just a few days. Where has the time gone?! I will be probably shipped out of the Lethbridge West Zone, which is sad, because I have grown close with the place and people. But, now it is on to a new adventure.

Today is also my "mission Birthday." Yes, that is a missionary thing that we missionaries do. I was dropped off at the MTC 10 months ago. I am now in the double digits in my mission. At times I still feel like a greenie and that I barely got here, others it has felt like quite awhile. It's all about the perspective. Knowing that time goes really fast, I am going to have to really buckle down and get to work. This is the only time we have separated from the world to consecrate ourselves to this marvellous work.

Our area has been struggling lately. We haven't been able to find anyone. We are doing our best to find in a student ward, but it hasn't seemed to be very effective. Most of our area is on campus, which regulates us from knocking doors or approaching people. This is a real downer, because how else are you going to find? Oh yeah... Members. That is what we have been doing lately, visiting all of the members and setting up personal mission plans with them. We have seen some great prospects from it, but now they just need to actually do them. Really hoping to see some success this way.

As I prepare to leave this area, it makes me a little sad. I have had some of the best times here, with other missionaries, investigators, and members. Good thing it is just up the road from Idaho! Haha, but I don't really like the weather at all. It has reached -30 again multiple times this week. But bad thing is, Calgary is even colder...

I should know be emailing on Mondays from now on. I will update you on my new area and new companion. Now I am on to my third area. Time flies. Love you all!

Elder Browning

Wrapped up like a Canuck

Double Digits!

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