Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Monday, February 3, 2014

The D. O. C.

The D.O.C.

February 3, 2014

Well, well, well... Looks like you all are too worn out from all of that hard work in Florida. You had to spend three whole days full of Disney World and Universal Studios? Ha, glad I am on a mission... ;) On a more serious note, glad to hear about all of the fun and sun that was soaked in Florida. Family vacations are some of my fondest memories. Being able to spend lots of time with family, seeing cool sites, and trying all of the different foods, right mom?

We have still been struggling to find new gators. As of right now, we have none. It can get discouraging at times, when no one wants to hear your message, you're working hard, but you don't seem to be reaping the rewards. But, we must press onward! Things will turn out, it's just on the Lord's timetable now. Transfers are coming up soon, I might be gone by the time we get someone new to teach...

We had a great opportunity to travel to Calgary this last weekend for MLC. Great meeting. We learned a lot from President. Right now our mission is struggling a little bit, compared to the missions around us. As a council, we decided to really focus on why that is, and how to fix it. The answer came that we need to stick to the Doctrine of Christ. Missionaries seem to stray from that when teaching. This will now be changing, new focus, but same basic doctrine. The D.O.C is what changes lives, not missionaries.

I gave a training on this subject today, during our Zone Training Meeting. This doesn't just apply to missionaries. When we deepen our conversion, that motivates us to share this message we have with others. Think of it... When you "deepen" your love for a restaurant, by partaking of its fruits daily, you want to share it with the people around you. Same goes with the Doctrine of Christ. Faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end; that is the doctrine that will help us improve our lives and those around us. I have already seen a huge change in my testimony as I have taken time to study this core doctrine. The same can happen to you! Right, Brooks, Tanner, Jeren, and Nelson? ;)

That was a little bit of a tangent, but I hope it got across that I love studying the D.O.C. I also love you guys. Have a great week at home. I will be trying to stay warm up here, since it has gotten ridiculously cold again. LOVE!

Elder Browning

Veggies for now on.

No more sugar thanks to this guy!

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