Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Dark Year Begins

January 7, 2014

Hello family!

Sounds like the new year is bringing lots of new things for back home. Since we weren't able to stay up for the strike at midnight, it doesn't feel like a new year, oddly enough. All of the moves at home really just amazed me. Hearing the news that I no longer have a place to call "my" room, is a weird thought. Am I really moving on? I thought this day would always be in the future, but now, sadly, it is more real than ever. I hope that you pimp out the RMR (returned missionary room). That's the place to be I hear.

With the 2014 brings what we missionaries call the Dark Year. This means this is the year, that we don't see family and are away for home the whole year. This is where I really need to kick it into gear. What a weird thought to know that I will be in Canada for a full year without ever touching foot into home. I know it'll go quick, so I need to love every second of it.

School is finally starting back up in Lethbridge. We are seeing a lot more people coming home, along with new faces to get to meet in the ward. This is such a nice change for E. Jackman and I, we get to be busy again! I miss being so busy with teaching and service, that we had to skip meals. I miss the Dirty E... But, we will try our best to find new people who are prepared to receive this message. We are excited and ready to work really hard to find.

We will be having another baptism this Saturday. I tell ya, we have been so blessed. It should all run smoothly, and we are having the ward really be involved in this baptism. The person getting baptized is Temi, and I've been teaching her ever since I got here. She has an amazing story. Her family is really against the church, but she knows what she is doing is right. She has felt the Holy Ghost, she can't deny that. Great example on real intent. Should be a great baptism.

Love you all, I hope you have fun getting back into school. We are going up to Calgary this Friday for MLC, since last week the weather was too bad and President had to tell us to stay home. Excited to get back to that city which I love.

Elder Browning.2

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