Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Canada and Russia Seem Similar

January 14, 2014

Hello family!

Okay, Tanner is on his way home. This is absolutely crazy to me. I told this to Brooks, but I remember when I was first out on my mish, I would say to myself, "Wow, when Tanner gets home I'll almost be a year out. That seems so far away..." But now, it is actually here. The time really does fly by, sometimes even in a plane, Tanner! ;) Ha, but I am excited to see him home, because that means when I get home, the whole family will finally be together. Just like the glory days.

The biggest story that happened this week, oddly enough, is a lot like Tanner's. We were planning on having a baptism this Saturday, everything was good to go, Temi was on board, and totally ready. The day of the baptism, we got a text at 1:39 am, from her, saying how she is backing out of it... We saw this when we woke up in the morning, great way to start off the day, I thought. We replied to her, telling her that we respect her decision, although we think she is ready. Something along those lines. It must've been guided by the spirit, because an hour later, she responded to us, saying "I would actually like to be baptized today." I was so relieved. I shouted "YES!!!!" We were able to fill up the font and have a baptism. Prayer really did work.

Now, here is when it sounds a lot like Tanner's. On Sunday, she was to be confirmed in Sacrament meeting. Right before it started, we got another text from her "Sorry. I can't today." I couldn't believe it. We both were in a little bit of a panic mode. We called her, texted, and even had her fellowship go to her house, nothing. She seemed to disappear. So, she was baptized, but not confirmed. We are hoping to meet with her, then on Sunday complete the ordinance. Satan can do a lot, to make sure people don't take the necessary steps for salvation.

Other than that we are still working away in Lethbridge. We have to now find, since out gator pool has been used. This should be fun! I really love going out and finding. You always get the coolest stories when you are being diligent in finding. It's not easy, but very worth it. We're praying to see more miracles.

Have fun with Tanner coming home. It will be great to see him in family pictures again, I am just as excited as you guys are! Love you all.

Elder Browning.2
(one more week... Then I am number 1!) ;)

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