Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Monday, December 30, 2013

Belated Christmas Present

December 30, 2013

Hello family!

What a great time I had Skyping everyone on Christmas. That was really the best part of our day, to be able to see you all again. I am already counting down the days till Mother's Day, where I will be able to Skype again, this time with Tanner. Now that Tanner is coming home earlier than I thought, he will definitely be there. Don't get to trunky now... ;)

Right after I closed the computer, I got a little sad. But nothing too bad. You guys gave me some extra "ummph" to go forward. We thanked the members, asked if there was anything that we could do, and then headed out. We had nothing else planned that day, not even a Christmas dinner... Since we are in a student YSA ward, no one is home. But, the members who we Skyped at, they found this out, and told a really awesome family, so they invited us over! Man, we were saved. Dinner was great, plus we were able to go with E. Hafen and E. Law, two sweet Elders. After dinner, we went to the Stake Centre and shot some hoops. That was the extent of our Christmas.

The highlight of this week was the baptism of Alandra. It was a great little service, it all went smoothly, and she was baptized into this gospel, and that's all that matters. The next day (Sunday) I was able to confirm her. Always a really special experience to give someone the Holy Ghost. A lot of the time, that is my favorite part. She was so happy and filled with the spirit. What a cool thing to see someone change so much, this Gospel has to be true!

We have a busy rest of this week. We go up to Calgary for MLC this Friday, and hopefully I will be able to go to the Calgary temple with a former less-active, who is going through for the first time. Also, if this happens, I will be able to spend the night in the Dirty East! I will visit a lot of people I taught, it will be like a mini mission back-to-the-past trip. Looking forward to it.

Mum, your birthday is coming up! I will be sending my "gift" to you in the mail pretty soon. I think you'll like it. ;)

Love you all!

-Elder Browning.2 (not for long...)

Alandra's baptism

Shovel tracting, very effective in Canada... ;)

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