Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Monday, December 23, 2013

Green Christmas in Canada?

December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Wow, amazing how fast Christmas comes when you grow up a little bit. I remember feeling that the time for Santa to come, would literally be in the after life. It seemed to drag on and on. Now, I can barely keep up how fast the days go. I almost wish it still felt like when I was 8, trying to wait patiently at the top of the stairs, while Dad always does his same joke, "oh, guys... Doesn't look like Santa came..." Haha, that is my childhood around Christmas time.

Since we are currently serving in a student YSA ward in Lethbridge, almost everyone has gone home. On Sunday we had maybe a total of 10 members there. We combined all three of the YSA wards, still not many people. We have been trying to find things to do, no one is home, that makes it hard to teach. Luckily we have Alandra to keep us busy! We have been teaching her everyday, to be able to have her ready for baptism by the 28th of this month. Let me tell you, it is such a blessing when someone is as prepared as Alandra. Golden.

Being in Canada, I was sure to get a White Christmas, like you always see in the movies. This is not the case. We got some snow just last week, which I was excited for, but now there is a chinook coming through that is melting it all! Looks like for my first Christmas away from home will be a green one.

I got my package! I hurried and opened the box and threw it under our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree. But, as long as I get to Skype home, that's what I am looking forward too. It's kinda cool to see how your outlook changes when it comes to Christmas. You visit with people who don't have much. It really has helped me understand what Christmas is all about.

Short email, because I will be talking with all of you soon! I am so excited to be able to see all of your faces. We are going to an awesome member who lives in one of the family wards, they have been kind enough to invite us over for Christmas morning and to Skype. 2 days!

Merry Christmas,
Elder Browning

Westside poster.

Hunting bucks.

New suits.

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