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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More Christ

December 17, 2013

Hello Browning Family,

First off, Happy Birthday, Tanner!!! Can you believe that you are now the age where you come home? Wow, that is a crazy thought. When I am 21, I will have been home for almost a full year. Pretty crazy, eh? But, enjoy what you have left. I am going to miss telling people about you in Russia, but you'll still live on in my stories. ;)

This last week has been a good one. Remember that new gator I told you guys about that was passed off to us from a different zone? Well, anyway, we were able to meet with her, she has been way prepared. We put her on date for the 28th of December! Good thing we had the spirit with us in that lesson, because when it came down to the fluidity of the actual lesson, that was done very poorly. Ha, we planned the lesson that morning, but everything changed while we got in there. It was a pretty messy lesson, but hey, she felt the spirit and that's all that matters. I asked her how she felt, then she started crying, explained to us how she feels something warm inside her. It was like a perfect moment that you would see in the Best Two Years, or something. We laughed afterwards how bad the mechanics of the teaching was, but it worked out alright.

Meeting with someone who has been so prepared makes it a good week, what makes it a great week is have a Special Witness of Jesus Christ come and speak to specifically to the missionaries. Yep, Elder Bednar came Saturday for a Stake Conference in Calgary, he had some free time that morning, so he decided to speak with us. All of the missionaries in Calgary were able to go to the Stake Centre and meet with him there, while we had it broadcast down south in Lethbridge. It was a wonderful meeting. Really made me rethink why I am out here, answered some awesome questions, and how I can study with faith. Probably won't get a chance like that ever again. Highlight for sure.

Christmas is coming super quick. I am very excited to be able to Skype home, that's what I am looking forward too most. If you think of the word "Christmas", think of it in the Spanish way. Christ and more, we should all be putting "More Christ" into this holiday season. That's what all of this is for anyway.

I love and appreciate you all. Remember to think what Christ has done for you, and to take that Apostolic promise from Elder Ballard, to invite someone to come unto Christ before Christmas day. Share that joy.

Elder Browning

Now that's the spirit!

Just dunk it!

P-day basket ball.

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