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Calgary skyline

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Colder Than Santa's Workshop

December 10, 2013

Hello family!

Okay, I thought the weather was going to get better this week. I was sadly mistaken. Over the last few days, they have made new records all over the providence. At one point, southern Alberta was the coldest place on the planet... Yes, colder than the North Pole. You ready for this? On Thursday it was -48, WITHOUT wind chill. We have had to stay inside for most of last week, it was no fun at all. I can honestly say that I have never been so cold in my life. I have been in some pretty cold weather, but this beats all. During the fall, we always heard members tell us that you get some way worse weather than Idaho. I never really believed them, I thought they were just being over dramatic. Boy, did I eat my words. It is brutal to even go outside to warm up the car! I am not enjoying this weather whatsoever. Not to mention the blizzards that keep coming, they don't stop. Only in Canada.

Besides the cold, we have had a good week. We were able to find more people to teach. Since we serve only in a YSA ward, and it being a student ward, we for sure thought we would have nothing to do these few weeks in December. Luckily, we have some great members who know missionary work. We had also a few "miracles" that have helped us. I was getting a little down, because we haven't been able to find new gators for awhile, and a lot of our solid ones aren't able to meet with us for awhile. I fasted specifically to have our area increase in gators. This last week, a recent convert was able to bring a friend from Uni to the church tour. The friend was really interested, we placed a BOM, and set up a lesson with him. Also, the zone next to us, passed off a solid gator who lives on the west side. I was so excited for the sudden increase in potentials. Fasting does work.

The weather has been so cold and there has been so much snow, we haven't been able to go and do missionary work. We have had to hunker down and stay inside. It was the longest week of my mission, because we got to do nothing but sit. I thought we were going to be able to get out more than last week, but guess not. I want this to change soon. I have to be out and working. Makes time go real quick.

I love you all, have a great time in cold Idaho. Christmas is coming soon, so that means I will be able to Skype you! Very excited for that. I will have more info next week on the Skyping.

Elder Browning

Getting swoll...

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