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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cabin Fever

December 4, 2013

H-h-h-ello f-f-f-amily,

What a cold cold few days we have had lately. It all started on P-day, or to you normal folk, Monday. In the morning we noticed it starting to get a little stormy, so we all wanted to get to the stake centre quick. Before we were about to leave, we got a call from President telling us to park cars today. So, we all decided to walk to the stake centre. This was a bad idea, it was so cold, none of us were prepared for it. Luckily, a member picked us all up and took us to the church. It was great to be able to be inside. Right before we were going to pack up and go home, we got a text again from President telling us to not go outside for anything. Had to stay at the church until we heard other wise. This was nice that we got extra P-day time, but no dinner. Members came to the rescue with pizza for all of us 20 missionaries. They also gave us rides home. The roads were so bad. Our Cruze would have never made it.

The next day, the same thing happened. We were told to stay inside, not to do any missionary work really, because it was still a white out with -30 outside. It got really boring... Started to go crazy a little, I am so used to non-stop work, then we couldn't do anything. It has been a hard week with nothing to do. They let us come email, although we barely made it here without getting stuck multiple times. They don't plow their roads here, so it is going to be a long time before the roads get any better.

Other than the crazy weather, we have had a hard week with gators. Allison, the one I've been saying was so promising, doesn't want to meet with us for awhile because her grandparents are anti. Really dis-heartening. We get that so much here. I swear, everyone we teach, their family just seems to hate Mormons. Really lame. On the good side, we got Temi on date for Jan. 11th! She has been a long time coming, her family is very anti, but she still wants to be baptized, once she turns 18. That was a bright spot on our not so happy week.

Christmas is upon us now, we set up a little Christmas tree in our apartment, hung up some lights, and have some Christmas scented candles lighted. We are really getting into the spirit of it! I will miss our family traditions, but I am starting a few of my own. Love you all, we are hoping to be able to get out and get some work done soon.

Elder Browning

Christmas-fied apartment.

Setting up the tree.

What we do for p-day.

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