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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The JackHammer!

November 26, 2013

Hello Fam Bam!

Man, it has been a great few days. E. Maxwell, now known as Tyler, is gone and dead. He left me this Wednesday, off home to Ceder City. It was really weird being with someone who only had a few hours left as a missionary. He seemed very pleased with his service to the Lord. That's how I want to be, not regretting anything from my mission. Just satisfied. I learned a lot from that son of a gun. He will be missed.

On transfer day I was really nervous on who I was going to get. I was hearing rumours that I was getting someone I knew a bit that I would be really excited for if I got him. Low and behold, they said we were companions! I was stoked, my new companion is Elder Jackman from Uintah. He came out in February, way cool, we get a long way good, and hard worker. Everyday we are just laughing and having a really good time. Time goes really fast when we are working hard and laughing at the same time. I am way excited to be able to spend Christmas with him. The Lord blessed me with a way cool companion for Christmas. I call him the JackHammer, haha and for good reason. Such a cool kid.

We had a really good lesson with one of our best investigators, Allison. This was on Thursday evening, we had planned to teach her lesson two, which is the Plan of Salvation. Right when we got in there, we felt something totally different. We talked about the chapters she read from in the Book of Mormon, then we really focused in on how the Holy Ghost works with us. It was a really productive lesson. I know she felt the spirit in that lesson. It wasn't us that was teaching well, we just had to follow the spirit. Another great lesson with her. Seems like every time we meet with her, the spirit is always really strong, and a great lesson. I am really starting to look forward to her lessons.

Pretty soon, our little YSA ward will all split back to their homes for the Christmas break. This will mean that we need to find things to do. It will be interesting, but a fun time with the JackHammer. Haha, have a warm week at home. It got to -30 with wind chill here on Wednesday and Thursday. Warming up a bit now, but it will be back to the snow and cold soon. Fun... Love you all!


Elder Browning

The Jack Hammer himself.

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