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Monday, November 18, 2013

Hastening His Work

November 18, 2013


Another week has gone by way too quickly, and now this week is transfer week. Yes, my companion, E. Maxwell, will be getting on a plane and heading to America this Thursday. I'm going to miss that sun of a gun, we had a lot of fun together, and he taught me a lot. It has been really weird "killing" someone off. It can be hard sometimes not to get trunky when they start talking about what they will be able to do. But I am staying focused. No worries!

This past week we had the wonderful opportunity to have Elder Switzer of the Second Quorum of the Seventy come to our mission to speak to us. It was a great privilege to be able to meet him. We got to go to a MLC the day before he spoke, he wanted to see how the meeting ran. So, we were really lucky to be in a small group of people and hear specific training for us. I got to shake his hand, talk to him for a little bit (about Tanner in Russia), and then get wonderful council how we can be better leaders. It was a little nerve-racking when we had to role play in front of him, but now I feel like my teaching skills got so much better from his advice.

Now... for the exciting news he gave us. Elder Switzer is in the Mission Department, and he told us that we will be getting iPad Mini's! We've been waiting for news like this for a long time. I'm sure President was getting tired of all of the iPad related questions he was getting. Every missionary will get their own, not one per companionship, but everyone will have their own. Here's the best part... When we go home, we take the iPad Mini with us! :) I am sure you could imagine what happened next when he said this. The room exploded with gasps and shouts of joy (shouting was mainly me). I was so excited, I couldn't control myself. Being such a big Apple fan, then learning that I will be getting an iPad for myself, and taking it home, took me to the top with happiness. It was Christmas. Since every missionary will get his or her own, the Church is asking that we pay $100 of the price. This is a small price to pay, plus they will take it out of our allotment month by month. Such a deal! These iPads will have a digital area book, where you can see all of the former and potential gators pinned on the map, full Gospel library, and all of the church videos you can think of installed on the iPad. Not to mention a full functioning GPS. We won’t really need to bring paper scriptures anymore. This will be such a great tool for us to use. The Lord is truly hastening His work. We should be getting these "baptizing" devices before next conference. I already have my $100 saved... I will be the first in line! ;)

That was a little long, back to some spiritual topics. The next day Elder Switzer and President traveled to Lethbridge to have a Mission Conference. It was a great time to be able to learn from such experienced leaders in this church. E. Switzer touched on something that I thought was really cool. This was actually in MLC, he said that the best measure of a great leader is that they inspire, not impress. That really hit home to me. I thought back to all of my great leaders that I've had throughout the years, and it is true. Every leader that I really looked up to, inspired me. I really hope that I can gain that Christ-like attribute sooner than later.

That does it for my week. It was a week that was very busy and packed full of meetings and driving. Now transfers are coming, I will be getting a new companion soon. Can't believe another transfer is over already; feels like I just got here. Have a great week at home everyone. Love you all!

-Elder Browning

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