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Calgary skyline

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Early Christmas

November 12, 2013


Another week has flown by. I am now emailing in my normal spot, where it seems like yesterday since I was here last. I hope that is not the case, or I would need a good talking to with President... Haha, but really, where does time go?!

Christmas is in the air in Canada already. Since their Thanksgiving is finished, all of the attention is now focused on the best day of the year, Christmas. I am really excited for the Christmas season as a representative of Jesus Christ. This is in remembrance of him, of course. This is my first Christmas away from home, so there have been times where I hear a certain song, or hear people talking about certain Christmas movies that we watch as a family each year, and that can make me a little trunky. But, that is soon out of my head as I remember what a good experience it will be for me being away from home during Christmas. It has to happen sometime. We're already listening to Christmas music.

The best moment of the week came yesterday. We heard from some Elders in our zone that they have a gator that is YSA age and lives in our area. We were very excited to be able to teach someone new. We set up an appointment with her, and then went on exchanges for the lesson. I went to the lesson, as E. Maxwell goes home in 9 days. We taught her the Restoration. We had our Ward Mission Leader there, who is such a cool guy and a great missionary himself, and we met at the church building. As we began to teach, the spirit instantly came into the room. I was teaching about Christ's life, and I had this overwhelming feeling to invite her to be baptized right then. I trusted the spirit, and went with it. She almost started crying when I invited her, but she really wants to make sure this is the right thing for her. We almost set a date with her. She's so solid, she will be baptized, no doubt about it. I love these experiences, because it reaffirms to me that this is the true church. I love being a missionary!

We are having a mission tour this week, it is E. Schwitzer, from the second quorum of the seventy that is coming. It will be a great chance to meet with him at MLC on Thursday, then hear from him on Friday. We are all really excited to hear if he has any news on technology that is coming to our mission... iPads hopefully. Should be a great week full of the spirit.

I hope Veterans day went well, in Canada they call it "Remembrance Day". It was a great time to ponder and think about all of the men and women who have given their lives for our country. We are so blessed to have the freedoms we have.

Elder Browning

My two companions.

From one snow storm!

Elder Maxwell

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