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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Strength in Numbers

October 22, 2013

Hello family and friends from windy Lethbridge!

So good to hear how Elise did so well on her farewell. That is so cool how we will have another Browning in the mission field spreading the gospel to every nation, tongue, and people. Just think, we have Russia, Canada, California, New Jersey, and now Mexico that have missionaries from the Browning side on the Lord's errand. Gives me the chills. Hey, I will be home before Elise. That is weird... I feel like my time is already winding down too fast. It honestly has gone by so quick I can't even believe what is going on. Elise, cherish every moment of your mission. You're going to do so well!

This last week has been a good one. We were able to meet with one of our best gators twice this past week. When it comes to numbers, it is nothing compared to my last area. We don't get nearly as many lessons in each week, but time still goes by so quick. Anyway, back to the gator. She lives with a member of our ward, and said that she wants to learn more about her church. So, we set up a time where we could come have dinner and a lesson with her. We got to know her at dinner, then we jumped into the lesson. It was a little shaky at first, but luckily we were able to recognize each others teaching skills, and move on. We are still trying to get the "feel" of one anothers teaching style.

We taught the Restoration, and she seemed very interested in learning more. She even said that she feels like this could be true. Yes! Great comment to have after the lesson. We then came over later in the week to teach lesson two, or for those who aren't missionaries, the Plan of Salvation. She loved it! Ate it right up. I love it when the gator just feels like it is right, makes sense to them, and they want to keep learning. We will be teaching her again tonight, hopefully getting her on date to be baptised in the upcoming weeks. So excited.

Now to the not-so-good-feeling of the week... Wait, there is none! ;)

As I am getting older in the mission, still very young, but I am starting to understand that my time being a set apart full-time missionary will come to an end and quickly. Just thinking about how Tanner is almost home, and my companion telling me how fast it really does go, has made me really want to make every moment the best. I am starting to comprehend the end, even if it has been only 6 months, I am now tasting the reality of it all being over. By the time I Skype with you at Christmas, I will be 8 months, then by mother's day I will be 13... Insane. I am making it a goal to always be in the moment. Time can go fast when you are on the Lord's errand.  

Elder Browning

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