Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brush That Dirt Off Your Shoulder

October 16, 2013

Hey family... long time, no talk,

Haha, well I have been transferred to... Drum Roll... Lethbridge! I didn't want to leave Calgary, but if I was going to, I wanted to go to the Bridge. Now I am here. Tender mercies I guess. Wednesday morning was a really busy one, with packing, making sure I had everything, then said a few last goodbyes before I bounced. It was hard saying goodbye, but it had to happen sometime. We loaded our luggage in the mission vans, jumped in, then headed for the south. It was a 2.5 hour drive, pretty long. By the time we hit Lethbridge, I was happy to be here. It is very different from Calgary, and something that I didn't expect. We shuffled in the transfer station and eagerly waited to here where we were all going. Then I heard my name, then these words "Lethbridge West". I was pretty excited. :)

My new comp is Elder Maxwell, from Enoch, UT. I will be killing him this transfer, yes Mom, I'm a murderer. Haha, no, it's just mission lingo, meaning he goes home in November. We get along well, which is good, plus we stay busy. We cover a YSA ward. Lethbridge has a college and a University so there are a lot of YSA wards. It is a big change from a family ward, but also lots of fun. The members and leaders here are so with it! They understand missionary work and how it works. I am really loving it. Such a change from the east.

This last Monday was Thanksgiving for Canada. It really was a slow week for us. All of the YSA people were gone, they just vanished. I was, however, able to experience my first Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. Basically just a nice dinner, but they didn't even have turkey. Anyway, that whole Monday we had nothing to do, President moved our P-day to Tuesday, because of the holiday, no one was home, we spent most of the day calling and doing zone things. It was really a boring day. Thanksgiving isn't that big of a deal here, so I don't even want to think how slow Christmas season is going to be... Not looking forward to that.

Well, that's the big news. I am really enjoying being somewhere different, meeting a lot of new people, and getting to know the other half of the mission. I am trying my best to make everyday count. The winter is coming really fast, so I will be needing to buy a winter coat soon. It has been 0 degrees for the past week. Yikes... Bring it on! ;) Anyway, have a great week back at home. Love you all!

Elder Browning.2

 My grandson!

 Saying goodbye to Black Momma...

E. Stewart, AKA, Uncle Stewie. 
Been around him my whole mish. Not anymore! :(


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