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Calgary skyline

Monday, September 9, 2013

Despite the Rain, There Was "Sunshine"

September 9, 2013

Wow, we had a great week! Sorry to hear that everyone at home is suffering with that infamous September cough. Yikes, I hope that everyone gets better soon. You'll be in my prayers, the whole clan is already, I'll just spend some extra time praying to make y'all healthy! :)
The reason for the good week was we were able to baptize Margii! She is my Canadian Grandma. We have really been getting to know her the past few weeks. Every time we go and teach her, she always makes us the best meals. She told us and I quote: "I consider you two my grandchildren that I've never had..." It melted our little hearts. So, we now refer to her as the Canadian Grandma.
She was baptized on Saturday. We had to make a lot of preparations to make sure it went smoothly. CG (Margii) has a really bad back, she has a number of other health issues as well. In order to baptize her, we decided it would be best to have her sit on a metal chair in the font, with 4 Elders. We did a test, it seemed like it worked well. When the time actually came, I was very nervous. If something went wrong, it could've been disastrous. We got her in the font, E. Wilkes said the prayer, then we began to tip her back into the water. Her knees didn't go under, so we had to try again, same problem. We didn't know what to do, we decided to get rid of the chair, and all 4 of us just hold her and basically push her under. CG agreed, so while E. Wilkes was saying the prayer, I was praying very hard, pleading with the Lord that this will all work out. It did! Afterwards, the four of us were very excited and happy that we were able to participate in such a cool baptism. We said a prayer, while we were still dripping wet, and thanked Heavenly Father for allowing everything to go well. It was so cool. I have never felt so thankful, really amazing what you can learn on a mission. I was able to confirm CG the next day, that was my first time, a little scary, but it was a wonderful opportunity to give her the best gift we can receive on this earth.
On a more not-so-cool note, when we were headed to CG's baptismal interview, I got into a little fender bender... I was driving, the person in front of me was turning right at a yield sign, I thought they had already gone, so I looked left, next thing I knew the Elders in the car were screaming "Dude, dude, dude!" It barely did any damage to either car. Plus I was going slow, like 10 Km/h. I felt so dumb! The persons Dad who I hit just called me, and is claiming that his daughter has first degree whiplash... Yeah, right... I just hope I still get to keep my driving privileges.
Get better everyone. I hope you all have a great week/day. The weather up here is getting a little colder, so some cool sweaters or jackets would be sick in my next package. Have you seen the new dress code? Just some hints... ;) Love you all!
Elder Browning

CG's Baptism!

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