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Monday, September 16, 2013

A Chapter a Day, Will Keep Satan Away!

September 16, 2013

Hello Family!
How is everyone doing? Has the fall weather started to sweep the summer breezes away? Canada's weather is starting to get cold. This week they are saying the high will be 10 degrees C. I am going to have to start bundling up more while walking. Not really excited to be seeing my first Canadian winter coming and I can’t believe that it is coming so quick. Where has the time gone?!
The last week in my personal study, I have been strictly studying from the Book of Mormon. I made a decision to study only in the BOM because I have felt like I should be gaining a great testimony of that Godly book. I mean, that is what we are preaching all the time. Awesome to hear that Tanner was able to have E. Evans come and talk about the BOM. E. Evans actually came to this mission right before I got here. As I study, I read one chapter and then reread it again. The first time through the chapter, I think "What should I learn for myself in this chapter?" The second time through, I think "Who could benefit from this chapter?" It has worked very well. I am getting more out of it than ever before! At home, I tried to read every night, it was something that I liked to "check" off. Now, all I want to do is read from the BOM. I have come to love it that much. Mom, I know what you are thinking, "Yeah... right." Honestly, it is the best experience I have ever had with reading the BOM. Every verse seems to be so exciting. How come it took me so long to want to read the BOM? I have now made my email title my slogan. :)
As far as missionary work goes, yes we do missionary work, it has gone really well. We really wanted to focus on reactivating the less-actives in the branch that we are now assigned too. There are so many less-actives in the branch, a grand total of 301 LA's in that area alone. The main reason for making that area a branch, was so they would hopefully reactivate enough people to make it a ward. We have a lot of work to do and we are ready to do it! Making that area a branch, has caused even more people go in-active because of the boundary changes. It really is sad. We have ran into a lot of angry people, not a good situation.
I'll give you an example. We called a lady on our list, when she answered she was very distraught. She went on and on how she was very angry at the Stake President. She wanted us to come over the next day to relieve some more stress. Mmhmm... We went, not knowing what to expect. Right from the moment we got in the door, she started to go off. It was a very strange ordeal. E. Wilkes and I tried to interject but she wouldn't give a darn for what we had to say. I even told her about the stake changes at home. I told her how people didn't like the change at first, but then realized that it was for the best. I thought I had them, but nope. I was thinking of getting Dad to get up here and explain himself that stake changes are from God, not the stake president. Right, Dad? ;) Some people are converted to the wrong things when they should be converted to the Lord.
Anyway, have a great week! I love you all so much. Remember to keep me in touch with emails and letters. Hope everyone is better at home. :)
Elder Browning.2

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