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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Your Prayers Please

August 27, 2013

Hello family and friends!
Another great week in Canada. I have been loving my time on the mish. I love being a missionary! You get to learn and grow so much. I feel so blessed to be in Canada and I couldn't be more happy with my call. E. Wilkes and I get along great, which is key to success. It is transfer week again already, which I can’t believe for it seems like I just started with E. Wilkes. We only have six weeks left together... Gonna make it a good six weeks. :)
The reason for my email title is because I am very nervous. Let me tell you why (don't hold your breath, Mom, it isn't anything serious). President Nicholas called me last night, which is scary in itself to see "Pres. Nicholas" on your caller ID. I answered it and he asked me to be a District Leader. I was shocked beyond imagination. I didn't even know what to say and I must've sounded like an idiot to him as I was stuttering my words trying to accept this call. Pretty funny, actually. I prayed very hard last night. I am nervous because I am still very young and I feel inadequate. So, like the email title says, I would love some prayers. :)
Other then that, I have had a great week. We actually had a successful ward activity. It wasn't even focused on missionary work but there were multiple people who brought their friends and family to the ward picnic. It was great! We met and talked with so many potential gators. We were loving it. We will be busy contacting these people this week and we're hoping to get some new people in our teaching pool. We hit the jackpot.
The miracle for the week happened last Monday. We had a lesson scheduled with Tereasa, who E. Bickmore and I began teaching. We found Tereasa through Amber. Amber is in the YSA, who is one of the coolest people in the east. She rocks and is always hooking us up with anything we need. Anyway, Tereasa wasn't interested when E. Bickmore and I taught her, but E. Wilkes and I wanted to teach her lesson 1. It was the BEST lesson I have ever been in. The spirit was so strong. When I started talking about Joseph Smith, I started to tear up. I have never felt so sure in my life that he is a prophet of God. The next day we went over to follow up with her. We asked her what she thought about the Restoration. She said, and I quote: "Somehow, I feel it is true." So amazing. We then invited her to be baptized again and she accepted. She will be baptized on September 14th. These are experiences that make the mish the best two years.
Thank you all for the great support and love you show me. I am doing great so don't worry about me. Keep praying for me, I need them more than ever. I love you all.
Elder Browning.2

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