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Calgary skyline

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Teach People, Not Lessons

July 30, 2013

Hello family!

I hope the reunion was fabulous. I can remember those times with Chase, Todd, and Nathan, some of the best memories ever. The Browning reunions are always the highlight of the summer. No question about it! I was a little trunky thinking of everyone gathered around eating milk noodles. But, 2015 will be a party! I am already looking forward to it.
This week we have really seen what the spirit can do in a companionship. When I was with E. Bickmore, we had lessons always cancelling. We could barely teach five total lessons a week. Since E. Wilkes and I really get along well, we have seen lessons happen! We have made it a goal, whenever someone cancels, we go and see someone in the area. No matter if they are a gator, less-active, or an active family. We want to teach. We have to work in order to get lessons. That is what we are trying to do. Faith without works is nothing.
We had a interesting experience last Friday. E. Wilkes was driving and we needed to make a U-turn in order to get where we wanted to go. So, he was waiting at a green light to turn left. The light turned red so we needed to go and as we were making that turn, another car was turning right onto the road we were now on. We almost had a head on collision! Luckily the guy stopped. He was furious though and he followed us. Then at a red light, he jumped out of his car and came running to ours. I remember shouting to E. Wilkes "Lock the doors, lock the doors!" He came up to E. Wilkes' window, and punched it as hard as he could. I couldn't believe what was going on. The window didn't break and I don't know how it didn't. He must've broken his hand he hit it so hard. He then said some things to us... got back into his car and drove away. The adrenaline was flowing afterwards like no other. The Dirty East, gotta love it. ;)
We have been trying to get Margii back on a baptismal date. We met with her on Sunday, expecting to have her committed to a date sometime this month. We got there and I instantly felt something was wrong. I asked her if something was bothering her. She began to explain how she has a problem with tithing. She is very set on the idea that you can’t tell her how much to pay, or when to pay. I felt like dying. She has been coming along so great, now she doesn't want to get baptized until she resolves this concern. We explained that this is a commandment from God, not us. We testified hard core about the blessings she will receive. I committed her to pray about it and ask if this is something she should obey. We could see her heart soften as we testified and promised blessings. I know that she will get the answer to her prayers that she should pay tithing. It was a little sad to not have her on date, but we teach people, not lessons.
All in all it has been a week of lots of laughs, spiritual experiences, and some heart ache for the reunion. But, I am doing great! :) I love you all so much. Have a great week and remember that I love serving around these Canucks. Hurrah For Israel! :)
Elder Browning.2

Reminded me of Brooks' picture with the Scooby Doo van!

Elder Wilkes' first ghetto door contact ;)

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