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Calgary skyline

Monday, July 22, 2013

Greenie Fire

July 22, 2013

Hello from Canuck land!
My week has been one full of changes. Good ones, too. I found out who my boy was on Tuesday night, his name is.... Drum roll please... Elder Wilkes! He is a great kid from Kaysville, Utah. Yes, Chase, your stomping grounds. He just graduated in June, and now is on a mission in Canada. He is full of that Greenie Fire. We seem to really get along with one another, which is a big difference from my Daddy. It's going to be a great 12 weeks. :)
Almost everyone that was here when I first arrived, has been transferred out. It is really weird. I have loved getting to know some more missionaries though. I guess that means that I am getting older as a missionary. I am still really young, but I can't believe that after I am finished training, I will be a quarter done with my mission. Unreal! Yes, I have to double my time that I have been out, but those first three months flew by. Like Grandpa Eliason says, "there's the first three months, then there's the second half."
Now that I am training, I have been praying even more. E. Wilkes has all of the skills of a good missionary. I am sure that he will have the opportunity to stay in the Dirty East for six months, because he will be training after his first twelve. We are setting a goal of twenty lessons this week. We have faith that it will happen, as long as we are obedient and humble about it. Twenty lessons might not sound like a lot, but for your perspective, we only taught three this week... The east is known for cancellations. But we can do it with the Lord's help! :)
We should be getting our first baptism this week with Margii. I am so excited for her to get started on this road to salvation haha. She has been so prepared to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ at this time. I am so thankful that I was able to help her learn it. Margii is one of the sweetest people  I know. Man, I love serving a mission!
I hope you are praying for me as I get to train a new missionary, while I am still new myself. I told my son that we are both senior companions and we need to do this together. I am learning just as much from him as he is learning from me-- I'm sure. Keep Elder Browning.2 in your prayers at night. I could really use them.

I love you all so much. I really do miss y'all, hopefully the Browning reunion isn't too depressing without out the most fun people there. Tanner, Nelson, Heater Sue, and myself. ;) Have a great week! :)
Elder Browning.2

My boy- Elder Wilkes

What's that doin' in the dirty east?!

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