Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Riding the Flow

June 4, 2013

Hey family!
How was the week at Green Canyon? I am sure it was full of camping. I better not get on that rant again, ha I think you understand that I dislike camping. But just a little... ;) We have received lots of rain again this week. Tanner, I'm not sure what a "Russian" rain is like, but Canada is a lot worse than Idaho. When it rains, it pours! That didn't slow down the Lord’s work, though. It just made me appreciate the sunny windy days more.
We have had a hard week when it comes to numbers. A lot of people cancelled, like everyone, and we weren't able to come even close to our goals we had set previous. It has been a little depressing, and the cold rain doesn't help. People have seemed to make an extra effort to tear us down this week too. I have learned when someone leans out their window to ask if we believe in God, DON'T ANSWER. ;) Ha, I had to learn that the hard way. ;) But guess what? I still am serving with a smile! Even when times get tough. Smiling is one of those tools that God has given to help push us and people around us through hard times. You never know what a smile can do for someone.
We had to cancel our baptism for Frank this Friday. He didn't end up getting his visa extended, so he had to leave the country and go back to America, one day before his baptism. It was one of those phone calls you want to forget. It's not his time to get baptized yet. The Lord knows, He has his own time schedule. We need not to worry. He'll get baptized, it's just a matter of where he is now.
As far as our other investigators go, we haven't been able to meet with any of them, besides Anthony this last week. Anthony's eye surgery went well and he should be seeing from it within three or so weeks. Since he hasn't been able to do much, because of the surgery, that was a perfect opportunity for E. Bickmore and I. We have seen him everyday this week. I love Anthony, he is so cool. He's my bro, and he knows that. Hopefully we can get him to commit to baptism really soon. We will be having a Jamaican BBQ this Friday. I'm way excited to have some real authentic Jamaican food. It should be great! He is even going to teach me some Patwa. :) (That is what most Jamaicans speak.)
One ray of sunshine that we had, you could say, was that we picked up a new investigator! Her name is Teresa, she is friends with one of the YSA members, Amber. My first day out in the field I met Amber K. We connected instantly! She is way cool and has a fun personality. She introduced us to her non-member friend. We showed Teresa a Mormon Message and set up an appointment for a real lesson. It was a great boost to my day! Loved it. It "Wocked" my socks off. ;)
All in all it was a week full of cancellations, rain, and fun times. You really have to learn to go with the flow as a missionary, and let people take their sweet time because a lot of the time they are a little hesitant with meeting with us. I am still in really good spirits despite the things that weren't so nice. I love my mission, my testimony, and the people I get to serve. This is the best two years I'll have, no doubt.
Elder Browning.2

 Best city in the world. ;)

First night in the field... Elder Stewmister took this one! :)

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