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Monday, May 27, 2013

It's Raining Blessings!

May 27, 2013

Hello Family!
How is everyone doing?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BROOKS! You had a great day I am sure, since Mom was there. :) I hope that you have had a good week like me. E. Bickmore and I have been so busy, we had barely enough time to stop and breathe. Haha, it really has been a great week.
First off, we confirmed the baptism of Frank! He got his visa stuff figured out, so he will be baptized on June 1st, this Saturday. It will be great to participate in my first baptism as a missionary. I have felt so much joy watching him progress in this gospel. He was so prepared, we basically didn't have to do anything. I love miracles.
This week has been one full of rain. Guess what? We had to walk for the days it rained. For about three days straight it was nothing but constant heavy rain. The alleys that we walk through were rivers. I felt like Christopher Columbus sometimes, "hopping over the sea to get to the promised land" (the appointment). We don't get this kind of rain in Idaho, it was definitely a Canadian thing. But, we must press onward!
It is amazing what can happen if you ask God for people to teach. He answers. Every night, I ask for Him to put someone in our path. I have seen Him do this in many different ways. One way is through the members. I think they are starting to trust us because we have gotten a lot of referrals from them. One of those referrals was a part member family. The Dad is a member, but is less-active, and his "common-law" and kids are not. Erin is the Mom’s name, and Emily is the daughter who is 12. They are great investigators. They have been prepared that is for sure. After the first lesson they wanted to be baptized! It was wonderful. The Dad is thinking of coming back to church for awhile now, then we showed up. Crazy how these things work. We will be setting up their baptismal date tomorrow. :)
They don't celebrate Memorial Day here, they call it "Victoria Day". It was last Monday, that is why I emailed on Tuesday last week. I keep finding weird little things that they do differently here. Lots of sayings that I don't understand at all. Like the other day we were talking to a member and he asked me a question, I had no clue what he said. E. Bickmore had to tell me what he was meaning. He simply asked me where I was from, but he said "Where are you aboot, eh?" Crazy... Haha, so Canadian is a new language! ;)
I am loving my time as a missionary. I have never felt so much love for people who feel the exact opposite. I think that is something that I was supposed to learn here in the Dirty East. It has taught me to love my neighbor no matter the circumstance. Charity, which is the pure love of Christ, is something that we all need. I am far from it still, but that is a goal that I feel is crucial for me to learn while I am here. Gotta love those Canadians! :)
Have a great week at Green Canyon! Ha, this is one of those times where I am glad not to be home. NO CAMPING!!!! What a relief! Count my blessings I guess. ;) Some exciting news from McHale, he got his mission call! He has been called to serve a mission in the Bakersfield, California Mission. He leaves July 24th! So exciting. I am a little bummed that it isn't Canada but California is a close 2nd because that is my home. Know that I love you all, and remember that I am happy that I don't have to go camping. That is music to my ears. ;)
Hurrah For Israel!
Elder Browning 2 

A typical Canadian neighborhood.

 Elder Bickmore trying to stay dry. It was like that all week...

We got some new wheels! ;)

 Oh yeah... ;)

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