Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

On the Road Again

February 2, 2015

Hello family,

As you can probably tell by my inspiring email title, we have been travelling a lot lately. With six zone conferences down and one more to go in BC, we have made the loop around the mission. It is such a cool privilege to get to see all of the sights and sounds of the great Canada Calgary Mission. BC is always beautiful, so I am looking forward to the 4 hour drive to Cranbrook. We will be back in our area on Wednesday, and then the next night, we shoot off for Calgary again. We have put on 9,000+ kilometers on our car in just the span of two months. Woo!

Our wonderful friend (from Brazil), was not able to get baptized this week. It was a hard thing to take, but it is in her best interest to not get baptized right away. I am learning how to accept the Father's will... Darn it. She is so excited to take this Gospel back to Brazil and share it with her whole family. She even bore her testimony on Sunday, which really reminded me how important missionary work is. It was a very sweet and special moment. We had one last lesson with her last night and wished her the best on her road back to Brazil. She is some that I will never forget; a mission miracle.

The weather has gone from mildly warm to brain-freezing cold.   The snow wants to fall; we just hope that we get some new “gators” to fall into our laps. We are going to be focusing on the members, as we do not have much time in our area, we need all the help we can get. Working through the members is where the success lays. Now with our new handy-dandy-tool, Facebook, it is much easier to keep in contact with the gators and members. It is hastening the work.

Thank you all for the wonderful support you show me. I love and pray for you all. I am excited to see what the month of February brings us.

Hurrah for Israel,

Elder Browning III

We will miss her! [friend from Brazil]

 Birthday cake for the Elders.

Love those members!

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