Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Monday, December 15, 2014

The North Pole

December 15, 2014
Dear family,

Most of our ward has gone home back to their families to enjoy Christmas with them. Since we can't do that, we have made other plans to keep us busy with doing the Lord's work this season of joy and happiness. The weather has been fantastic for the majority of last week. Until a few days ago...

I was able to go back to Medicine Hat on Friday and Saturday for an exchange with the Zone Leaders. I was able to be back in my old area, it was so fun. I got to go visit former gators and cruise the streets that I know probably too well. Consequently, the family ward that I served in when I was there had their Christmas dinner, what a tender mercy. I was rubbing shoulders with some great members that I grew to love, and they even had me say a few words on the mic. Since our area has most of our members gone, we are going to be travelling the mission to go on our exchanges, so that we can focus on our own area when everyone is back for the next semester.

On the way home from Medicine Hat, the 16 degree weather that we had just the day before, turned into a blizzard. It was not a fun trip, it took us twice as long to get back to Lethbridge. It is amazing to me how fast things can change in just a manner of minutes.

The very next day (Sunday) we got to drive up to Calgary after church to pick up the Christmas packages for the southern missionaries. President and Sister Nicholas put on a Christmas activity that happens just before Christmas where they give us our packages of goodies. There were so many packages, he asked that Elder Kelly and I drive up and be Santa's Sleigh for a day. We call our snazzy new Equinox "Dasher".

I hope that you all have a white Christmas, as we will now have in the great north. I send my tiding of great joy to you all. I love and appreciate the support you give me. I am always in need for your prayers. Let us not forget the true meaning of Christ-mas.     

Hurrah For Israel,
Elder Browning III

                                                        Call me Elder St. Nick

Cool native mural

 World's Tallest teepee is found in Med Hat

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