Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Middle of it All

September 9, 2014

Hello family,

This week has been a time of return, for Elder Browning. I am back in Calgary! I have been, what we call, down south for the past 11 months. Almost a whole year I have been away from the city I love. Now that I am in Calgary, the weather has been changing drastically. On Sunday, it was 25 C, which is like 65-70. Yesterday it snowed... It has been snowing since, and it is predicted that we will be getting another 20 centimeters tonight. Is it winter already?

My new companion is someone who I have known my whole mission and loved more than Swedish fish. That is Elder Engstrom. We were both in the dirty east for our first 4 transfers together, he is a transfer older than me, so when I got there, he had been out for one already. I am super pumped to be able to serve with him now. I can see some good times coming my way.

Since I have been in the south for so long, smaller cities and what not, I wanted the opportunity to be able to street contact downtown in the heart of Calgary. We each took five Book of Mormons with us, took a bus, then went about "preaching nothing save repentance and faith..."* At first it was difficult, but once I got the hang of the big city feel, it started to become more than enjoyable. It was great to be able to talk to so many people. In Med. Hat, in order to talk with people, you had to knock their front door. In downtown, you just have to start walking with them. We were able to hand out all of our copies of the Book of Mormon within the first hour. I am excited to be able to always head to the city and know that we will be able to be effective with talking to as many people as we can.  (*Mosiah 18:20)

I am super excited for this upcoming transfer. So many good things are coming my way, with a great companion, great area to serve in, and being able to be in the middle of the city. I am in the middle of my mission, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Calgary, and in the middle of my happiness. You are always in the middle, President Uchtdorf says, no matter if it is the last day of our mission, or the first. This is going to be a great time.

Elder Browning III

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