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Monday, June 2, 2014

Fire Hose of Spiritualness

June 2, 2014

Hello family,

This whole last week has been an excellent one. We have been busy with Zone Conference, many teaching appointments, Stake Conference broadcast, and the everyday business of a 'nary. Now with June on us, I can't help to think that this year is going very fast. With a busy schedule that we have had, makes it even go quicker. Before you know it, it will be Christmas.

We were privileged to have a Zone Conference with just our zone. With these conferences, President Nicholas likes to go proselyting with missionaries in the zone the next day. So, this is what he did with us. No one in the zone were able to make appointments, besides E. Bjarnson and I. President was able to come with us to 2 appointments that went great. The first one we had was a church tour with a gator that I've talked about before, Greg. He wanted to see what the church was like, so he doesn't feel so apprehensive about it. We got there on time, set it all up, and then began to wait. And wait... It was almost 30 minutes after our scheduled time, so we were about to leave, then, low and behold, Greg pulls up to the parking lot! It was a great reliever. We then were able to take him around the different rooms in the church building and explain what they are used for. Greg loved it. In the chapel, yes we saved it for last, he said he felt something different from any other church. He is revamped and excited to come to church when he can. Unless his ex messes it up again...

Having President with us, we wanted to take full advantage. So we set up a lesson with a less-active that we felt could really benefit from having President Nicholas teach him. We were right. We taught repentance, and everything seemed to flow from the spirit. President was able to teach with wisdom and more power than I could muster. This LA needed to hear President testify to him that anyone can change and repent. It was a great testimony builder for myself. This LA made a 180 during the lesson. Wouldn't have happen without President there. It was such a great experience to have him come with us to those two lessons. We got to know him much better, learn from his example, and be able to build my own testimony. I love, President Nicholas!

This week was Stake Conference for all of Canada. On Saturday night, we had an adult session, as you know, it was tailored to missionary work. The Stake President asked one of us to speak at it, E. Bjarnson likes to speak, so he gladly accepted it. I just got to sit on the stand with him and listen. This stake is really progressing with the work of salvation. It was great to see the members so willingly take hold of what was said. The following day was a broadcast from Salt Lake. We had speakers from: Linda K. Burton, Elder Anthony D. Perkins, Elder Holland, and President Eyring. It was a marvellous meeting. I ate it all up. Some things that were said in that conference answered some lifelong questions that I have had. Listening to living Prophets and Apostles is one of my favourite pastimes.

This last week was a fire hose to the face of spiritual information. I guess that is why they say you can't learn what you learn on a mission, at home. This is totes true. Home compared to here, I would've just had maybe a garden hose, if that, for my spiritual growing. No, I need a fire hose! I am really enjoying my mission and having fun with it. Great week. Fun times. I'm soaking wet.

Elder Browning

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