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Calgary skyline

Monday, May 13, 2013

Skype is the Best

May 13, 2013

Hello again!
It was great to be able to have my first experience of "the other side" yesterday. Haha, I really enjoyed my time with you all. I could've talked all day, but missionaries have rules, and strict companions ;) But isn't Skype a wonderful thing? My testimony of technology has grown, in just one experience. Gotta love it!
After I touched that horrible look red square, I was trunkie... but only for a few seconds really. So Mom, don't fret. The Lord is on my side. ;) I felt re-energized and ready to do His work. That was the best part I think, was the adrenaline rush afterwards. It really helped me to stay more focused, if you can believe that.
Mom, I just want to let you know of how much I love and appreciate you. The whole day was full of thinking of you. I prayed throughout the day, thanking Heavenly Father for you. I even thanked him for your stubbornness! Crazy!!! ;) Haha, but really, I couldn't do anything that I do as a missionary daily, if I didn't have you as a Mom. :) Thank you so much for raising me in righteousness. I was truly blessed beyond belief, because I scored you and Dad. I guess I must've done something right in the pre-mortal life. ;) I love you so much, I won't be able to express my feelings for you through words... I just love ya!
That is enough sappy mommy stuff, back to the Dirty East! ;) We picked up a new investigator this morning. His name is Frank, he is from the States, but sounds very Hispanic. He got our number somehow and said that he wants to meet with us. Cool! We could use a new investigator. It is funny, because last night while we were planning for the day, I had a feeling to put one new investigator down in the daily goals for today, so we did. Now we have one! Pretty cool, eh? :) The spirit is amazing. We will be meeting with him later tonight.
I hope all went well with talking to Elder Browning. I wish I could've talked with him, but I guess I'll live. ;) Alex, it looks like you did awesome in the play! I hope that you enjoy acting as much as Tanner and I. It really does help you prepare you for a mission. It makes you get out of your comfort zone, and you know how to speak clearly. That is very important. So, keep it up!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, don't forget about us missionaries, and keep sending the love. (The best way to do that, is through prayer.) Know that I love and miss you all. It isn't easy being a missionary, but my family is my strongest support, besides the Lord. ;)
Elder Browning

Elder Bickmore and I off to do some service!

Just call me Elder Chef ;)

My fridge :)

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