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Monday, December 29, 2014

The End of the Dark Year

December 29, 2014
Hello family,

There is nothing better on Christmas, than being able to Skype the ones that I love the most. I loved to see all of you and be able to catch up on how everyone was doing back at home. As that was my last Skype session, it really hit me hard after I closed the window. The time in between Skyping, flies, and I have even less time than the next time I get to call. It scares me. But, I still have a few months left, so I better make them count. Being able to see all of your smiling faces made it a very jolly-merry-happy-fun-Christmas.

In our area we are still anxiously waiting for people to get back. We are going to go, as I like to say, ham, when people start coming back for school. When you are a missionary Christmas break is too long, never thought I would say that, did ya? Now we are just a week away from being in the swing of things again. In the mean time, we will be going on exchanges everyday this week, while we have this chance.

The year of 2014 is coming to a quick close. It seems like yesterday when I was writing about the start of my "dark year", now is it over already? This year I have had some really high ups, followed with some lowest of lows. But I am grateful for every moment that I have experienced in 2014. The dark year is the time you grow the most as a person. Now that it is over, I am heading into the Golden Year. It is exciting, but nerve-racking.

I hope you all had a jolly, Christ-centred, Christmas. I know that I did. I will miss being able to celebrate His birth with his name close to mine on a black tag. Keep the Christ spirit in the home all year, we can do this by sharing the gift. Who says you can't give gifts in the middle of January?

I love you all, excited to be able to spread the good news, and loved being able to see you. Have a great week at home, as the Christmas holiday is coming to a close. Still have one party left, the biggest one of the year, according to Mum, New Years. I will be thinking about you.

Hurrah For Israel,

Elder Browning III

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