Calgary skyline

Calgary skyline

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

O, Canada!

July 2, 2013

Well, I experienced my first Canada Day here in Canada. It was a new experience for me, we sang the national anthem, " O Canada" in church. It was pretty weird to be singing that instead of "The Star Spangled Banner". But hey, I better be singing the country's song if I am serving here. They really don't do much for Canada Day. It is nothing like the Fourth of July back at home. I was really disappointed actually. I only have one more Canada Day left. O Canada! ;)
We were called in by President Nicholas to help with the relief efforts in High River. That is where the flood mainly hit. We were all stoked to go help out, by tearing out dry-wall, ripping out anything that got wet, and being able to have the great opportunity to find some new gators. Unfortunately, they didn't have enough rubber boots for us, so they called it off. I was really bummed. We would have been working all P-day, and I didn't mind at all. I would have rather helped people out than play basketball all day. Wow, did I just say that? Mission does crazy stuff to ya... ;) We should be out there helping in the next couple of days. I'm excited!
In two weeks, I will be out of the 12-week program. I am excited but at the same time a little hesitant. This is all I know as a missionary, to be the "greenie" getting trained, and having E. Bickmore as my companion. I don't know anything else besides that. It will definitely be a shock and with all of the new missionaries coming out this next transfer, it is very likely that I could be training. Every time I hear the word "trainer" I cringe. I am down right scared to death at the thought of me training a brand-new missionary when I am still new myself. It would be a good experience but one that I am not asking for.
As far as our teaching efforts go, we have been struggling with people not cancelling with us. It is very disappointing to show up to someones door, that you prepared for, and they end up not being home. You have to be willing to be flexible. We had a lot of important lessons fall through. In the zone that we are in, it is really good if you teach a total of just 10 lessons. That's including less-actives. We have been doing plenty of service though. It almost feels like I am on a service mission. I am really worried that if I do end up training, I won’t know the lessons well enough to be able to lead the lesson with an investigator. Oh geez.
Despite the cancellations, our area has been a fantastic one. We are starting to get referrals from the ward members. I have been praying to get referrals from this ward and just this last week we have been receiving quite a bit. Hopefully they trust us enough to teach their friends and family about this gospel. I know I have made a big effort in getting to know the members more. Brooks, your advice is golden. I really have taken that to heart, what you told me. I have seen success from it already. I want to be the kind of missionary that the ward can trust with their loved ones. It is not an easy task. You've gotta be a good "schmoozer". ;)
I hope that you all celebrate the wonderful USA this Thursday. I really do miss America. I know that we will be having our own little celebration. Have a great week and remember that I am always thinking about you guys. I love you all! God Bless the USA!!! ;)
Elder Browning.2  

Getting in the Canadian spirit!

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