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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Week!

April 16, 2013

Hello family! The words that first come to my mind when I think of the MTC is... WOW! I have really loved everything that we have done here so far. The spirit is so strong in every building, lunch room, and every hall. The spirit is radiating everywhere. :)
When I was walking away from the family, I knew that I was on the right path and headed the right way. I could not stop smiling when I entered into these sacred doors at the MTC. The Sisters that help direct you the right way kept commenting on my smile. They would say something like "We love to see that big smile!" "That is the kind of new missionary we like to see!" Haha, it was pretty awesome. :) Like Tanner said, when they put that name badge on you, there is an overwhelming feeling. A good feeling. I felt like I could conquer the world. I am so glad to be apart of God's army now, finally!
I was soon whisked away and taken to my room, where I had a short time to drop my bags and "call" a bed. My escort then took me to our classroom. I was the first one there, so I got to know the teachers before everyone else. Brother Mahrt, and Sister Nelson. They are both so amazing! Sis. Nelson served in the Temple Square Mission, and Bro. Mahrt served in Santa Rosa California. They have such a good spirit about them. They know how to teach with the spirit (which is very important I've learned) and how to be your friend. I love both of them so much, they make class exciting and worthwhile.
Our district is probably the BEST district there has ever been in the history of districts. We have 6 Elders, and 3 Sisters. Each one of them I've become close friends with, we are like a family. We do everything together... and I mean EVERYTHING. That leads me to my first companion on the mission, Elder Kemp. I have been blessed with a great first companion. We connected instantly, although we do not have a lot in common. He is from Logan, UT and has lived in Utah his whole life. He has had a hard life. When he was six years-old he had a seizure. So, his right hand shakes. Three years ago, his Mom passed away, and has been living with his Aunt and Uncle ever since. He has taught me how to have a positive outlook on life in general. He never complains and works like a horse. I love Elder Kemp (pictures coming soon).
On Thursday night, our Branch President, Pres. Gubler, asked me to be District Leader. It has been a lot of work trying to lead this amazing district, when I am the youngest, and everyone else is way more adequate for the position. I feel humbled to be their leader. I hope they know that. I want to lead with love, example, and friendship. I hope everything will turn out okay. ;)
I hope the family doesn't have too much fun in Disneyland. Haha, just kidding! Kids, go have the time of your life! Because your time will come where you will be in the MTC while the rest of us are in Hawaii. ;) The MTC is not easy, that's for sure. It really makes you work hard/study hard. I have never been so tired and have to push through it all and go to a three hour class. That's what I call difficult. But as a district we are pushing forward together and making the best of our short time here. I've gotta say, I'm very glad that I won’t be here any longer than I have too. Although, I am going to miss our district very bad. Elder Kemp and I are the only ones heading to Canada. The rest of the Elders are going to Atlanta Georgia, and the Sisters are heading to Raleigh, North Carolina. :(
We will be staying in touch for sure, though. Especially Elder Robinson and I. He has become one of my best friends, from Sacremento Cali. I'll send you a few pics of him. He is so cool and chill. He loves the gospel with everything he has, and is hilarious! We laugh a ton together. Tanner, he reminds me of you. That's why we get along together so good. We are always speaking in some language, anything besides English. Haha, he really is my favorite.
Well, I don't have much time left. Have a great week, and soak up that sun shine for me! I love this gospel with everything that I have. I know I am here for a reason. Everyone that I am meeting I know is helping me grow. 

Have a wonderful week family, remember, Elder Browning loves you! :)
Elder Browning
P.S I forgot some stuff in the dryer down stairs, could you send me my hoodie, and jeans? That would be awesome if you could. I have also seen so many people I know here. I'll send you some pics later with them! I am so excited for Heater Sue to get here!!!!!!!

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